Our School Development Plan 2021-22


Each year the staff and Governors at Little Bloxwich CE (VC) Primary School consider how we can make our school an even better place to be.

Once we have done this we produce our School Development Plan.

Some of the actions are directly related to teaching what our children missed due to Covid 19 and identifying the gaps in the children’s learning and ensuring they are addressed.

 This year we have 4 priorities,



To continue ensuring a consistently good quality of subject leadership in all foundation subjects

-Termly information about Discovery Quest Topics.

-Children coming home with Vocabulary stickers on their jumpers.

-Subject Vocabulary mats

To continue to address gaps in maths learning identified due to missed school closure due to Covid

-Themed maths days

-Children using more practical resources in   lessons

-Times table practice as homework

-Where needed, individual sessions and homework.

To continue to address gaps in English learning identified due to missed school closure due to Covid.

-Poetry themed days

-Reintroduction of home library books

-Non-fiction books coming home.

Extra reading groups where needed.

To further develop the Christian distinctiveness within our school.

-Children leading worship

-The reintroduction of the worship committee.

-Activities to develop the children’s and our spirituality.

This is just a small part of the plan, if you would like to see the full School Development Plan, please pop into school.