Welcome to Year 3 

Teacher: Miss Addison   
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Layton


Summer Autumn Half Term Objectives

Year: 3      Date: September 2022

This is intended for parents and pupils to share the learning objectives for the term. It also provides targets for the term ahead.






  • Read and write numbers as digits and words.
  • To identify and make a number up to 100.
  • To identify 100’s, 10’s & 1’s and know their value.
  • To compare two numbers indicating greater than – less than.
  • To order numbers from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest.
  • To add and subtract 1’s, 10’s & 100’s – 3 digits & 1 digit, 3 digits & 2 digit crossing 10.
  • To count in 50’s.
  • To use knowledge to solve word problems

My Maths target is:
To know 3, 4, and 8 times table.

In our English lessons, we are going to be:

  • Reading and discussing the text as a whole class and in groups.


  • Identifying and discussing unfamiliar language within the text.


  • Re-telling the story using a third person narrative.


  • To develop our sentence structure by including conjunctions and adverbs that express time, place and cause.


  • Use expanded noun phrases in our writing to add more description.


  • Use basic punctuation correctly and consistently.


  • To begin using inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.


  • To begin using headings and sub-headings in non-fiction writing.


The Egyptian Cinderella    



  • Discuss familiar writing in order to learn from its structure, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Plan their writing by discussing and recording ideas and rehearsing sentences orally.
  • Build a varied rich vocabulary.
  • Proof-read for errors and read their own writing out loud.


  • Discuss books that they have read or that have been read to them.
  • Identify and summarise key points from a text.
  • To make a prediction based on known facts and draw inferences from the text and justify with evidence.


  • Develop sentence structure by extending sentences with more than one clause using conjunctions. (if, because and although)
  • To use nouns or pronouns effectively to avoid repetition.
  • To use preposition to add more information to a sentence.     


My English targets are:

Writing- I can compose and rehearse sentences orally before writing.

Reading- I can draw inference to infer characters thoughts, feelings and motives from their actions and justify using evidence from the text.

Handwritingto form all letters correctly and continue developing joined handwriting.

Other useful information for this term:
  • Remember your reading book and planner every day.
  • Please write in your child’s planner whenever you hear them read, this does not have to be their school reading book, it can be a library book, a book your child enjoys reading, etc. Remember there are example questions to ask them about their book in the planner.
  • English Homework is set on a Tuesday and due in Friday. Maths homework is set on Friday and due in on a
  • Spellings are given out on Fridays for a test the following
  • E is on Monday and Friday this half term, please tie up long hair and take out earrings or provide plasters.
  • Please remember to bring a drink everyday - water only.




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